Luís García del Río

Luis García del Río in 1993 enters in the body of Spanish State Lawyers as the number 1 of his promotion. He provided his services before the High Court of Justice in Extremadura and Andalusia until 1999. During this time he was the Head of Legal Services of the State in Huelva, Counsel to its Port Authority, Professor of Administrative Law at its University, legal advisor of the State’s Tax Administration assuming the responsibility and defence of the State before civil, criminal, administrative and labor jurisdictional orders, in a significant number of legal proceedings.

In 1999 he is appointed as an advisory member to the Cabinet of the Environmental Ministry, and Member of the Board of several public institutions, in 2000, is appointed as head of the Legal Services of the State in the labour jurisdiction in Madrid and Director of the Legal Services of the Railway Infrastructure Management Administration, under the Ministry of Public Works.

In 2001, he goes to the private sector and becomes responsible for the Legal department of REPSOL BUTANO, S. A. within the REPSOL YPF Group. Appointed Director of the Legal Services for Global LPG Business in 2004, as well as General Counsel to the board of Directors of the REPSOL BUTANO, S.A. In 2005, he is appointed Director of the Legal Services of Repsol YPF Upstream, where he developed the main aspects of his international practice due to the concentration of the Group’s investment activities.

In 2007, he is appointed as Repsol YPF’s Director of Upstream and LNG Legal Services, providing the legal assistance on the areas of global business with a greater scope of resposibility and international reach.

On 1st May 2008 jointly with Almudena Larrañaga creates the legal firm GARCÍA DEL RÍO & LARRAÑAGA.

Between 2012 and 2014, he has been the Director of the Board of Directors of the Argentine multinational YPF, S.A. At the proposal of the private shareholders.