We have devoted a good part of our career to working in companies in the energy sector. In that sense, we feel a special identification with it. We provide assistance in the different sectors that comprise it, from conventional sources of energy to renewable sources, covering both counselling and contentious aspects, with significant experience in energetic litigation both in judicial and arbitration. At the same time, our teaching and scientific activity participates in this field, both by the frequent teaching of classes in the main higher courses existing in the industry, as well as by the organization of our debates and conferences, together with prestigious institutions present at the Energy field. We have participated in the subjects of the energy sector from different areas, which allows us to have an integral vision of it. Not only as external lawyers, but as responsible for in-house legal services for years, hence we know the needs and perception of the companies involved in it. We have been responsible for legal services in Oil & Gas, in three essential areas: E&P, LNG and LPG (in this case in the field of Refining Marketing). We have actively joined the provision of legal services in the field of unconventional exploration and production of hydrocarbons (Shale Gas) and we have devoted a large part of our firm’s activity to intervention in highly relevant procedures in the area of ​​electrical regulation and regulation of the natural gas system, having accompanied and rendered our services to specialized firms in the different renewable sectors.

Oil & Gas

We have handled all the different issues that can arise in the Oil & Gas sector, from the upstream to the downstream legal implications. We have deep knowledge of the natural gas regulation and we have given legal advise to LNG’s projects.Our experience give us great knowledge of all the legal…

Exploration and Production. Shale oil and gas

We assist our clients in all activities related to the E&P field, in and outside Spain. In our country, we are assisting to a significant increase of the permit licensing on the hydrocarbons investigation and on the exploration and production activity, which have certainly increase the Spanish and foreign companies’ interest in this field.Our knowledge was gain by our direct implication on the legal…

Refining and Oil Marketing

We have also provided services to the Downstream sector. We understand the complexity of distribution networks, prices, the regulated markets and its origins in terms of Competition Law and its impact at the national and European Commission levels as well as the relationships with the State and Regional administration in the analysis of administrative regulations regarding these markets.

Engineering, procurement and construction contracts (EPC) and Engineering agreements

Negotiation of engineering, procurement and construction, contracts under different contractual schemes. We know some contractual ways of managing this kind of contracts as for example Open Book and of course the traditional systems of Turn-Key Lump Sum, or Reimbursable for different types of industrial facilities such as liquefaction and re-gasification plants, oil and gas premises, both on and off shore.

Electricity, Cogeneration and Regulation

Rates and power generation markets. Spanish electric market operation. ATR contracts. Legal assistance to producers, distributors, qualified commercial agent. We assist and defend entities and consortiums owners of cogeneration plants.We provide legal assistance to companies within the electricity sector, and we also represent and defend our clients’ interests in court and arbitration…

Renewables and Environment

Together with our experience in the energy sector we have a significant career in the Environment administration. We have provided our services to wind and solar projects. We have also addressed significant renewable proceedings before courts and arbitral tribunals. We are always updated with the sector’s regulation, particularly in Spain, as well as any interpretation or decisions issued…

Liquefied natural gas (GNL)

We have good knowledge on the GNL market, and we have provided legal assistance to this kind of projects from the different fields that may affect the execution of it. We have provided legal assistance to EPC contracts of natural gas liquefaction plants and EPC contracts of regasification plants. All of that in Spain, Peru, Canada, Algeria, and Equatorial Guinea.

Natural Gas system

Responsible of the legal assistance to supply contract within the gas system. Legal assistance to suppliers of the regulated system, legal assistance to shippers. Regulated contracts. Payments in the regulated system. Third parties access. Net services. Administrative licenses, connections with the local government and the autonomous communities. Gas natural underground storage, strategic storages. Deep analysis of the gas natural system regulation in Spain.

Competition law

We have represent and defend our clients before the Tribunal of the National Competence Commission and before the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission, both in penalty proceedings (also in the plaintiff position) and in authorization applications for acquisition operations.
Competition law is an essential part of the legal assistance provided to different companies.

Markets discipline system

We know the implications arising from; the competition system, the consumer protection; the unfair competition regulation and any other regulation or set of rules concerning the markets system. We believe in an imaginative legal assistance but also in a preventive one, and of course, in an absolute regulatory compliance. All of them are essential subject for the corporation social activity. Companies are becoming more…

Regulated Sectors

Conocemos el funcionamiento de los sectores regulados, especialmente en el ámbito de la energía. Conocemos el funcionamiento del regulador y el ejercicio de las potestades públicas inherentes a dicha modalidad de control y tutela de los mercados. La regulación implica una fórmula diferente de intervención administrativa en la actuación de los sujetos privados que afecta…

Integrated Projects of desalinization

Nuestra firma, desde su creación, presta asistencia jurídica integral a proyectos de desolación, particularmente en el Norte de África y España. El estudio de los contratos, la asistencia a los procesos de negociación en el marco de la complejidad inherente a proyectos integrados en los que confluyen relaciones jurídicas tanto de carácter público como de…