Our firm provides an integral service to the companies, for that reason the legal assistance to the governing bodies of the companies is part of those issues that we face with dedication and interest. The assistance to the administrative bodies and to the partners in the organization of their relationship and in the exercise of their rights within the society, are issues that are part of the usual performance of the firm and of those who are members of it. At the same time, we have been part of company management bodies on several occasions, so we provide assistance with full knowledge of the functions, duties and responsibilities incumbent upon the members of the corporate bodies.

Legal assistance to companies involves an advisory element and undoubtedly the exercise of the corresponding legal actions on the occasions when this is required. Obviously we observe with great interest the corporate arbitration. We also know the particularities of listed companies and the special information and control regimes that, in defense of the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders, establish their regulatory provisions. Especially in the case of listed companies in Spain and the United States, as well as in other stock exchange markets such as Argentina.

Transformation of companies

We also know and manage the processes of modification of the regime of commercial companies. We have taken part in the different types of procedures that may affect the transformation of the legal entity of the commercial company, knowing its legal implications, particularly in the corporate and registry areas.

In this kind of process, the defense of the social interest as well as the protection of the rights and interests of third parties that may be affected, are essential, so that a consistent legal assistance is very important for the adequate achievement of the same.

Legal actions in the corporate scope

We devote a lot of attention to corporate litigation both national and international levels. The possible actions between partners or claims of liability against the members of the administrative bodies are the expression of the conflict in the aforementioned commercial environment, which can not be ignored or avoided by those who intend to provide effective advice to companies.

We have assisted the administrative bodies of companies in processes of very diverse nature. In this sense, we provide comprehensive assistance that covers both advice and defense in court or the exercise of appropriate legal actions in defense of the corporate interest.

Particularly intense is our experience in conflicts of a partnership nature linked to the development of integrated industrial projects. In this kind of situations, the corporate bodies become, in many casess, a vehicle for revealing the discrepancies between the partners.

Legal assistance to the corporate bodies

We have served for many years as secretary of the board and have assumed positions as administrators in Spanish companies and in several countries. We clearly know the peculiarities of our corporate regime, but also those of the companies subject to the French legal system and the countries of its area of ​​influence, the Delaware regime in the USA, the Dutch regime of companies and certain Latin American countries.

Legal assistance to commercial companies

We provide comprehensive advice to commercial companies. Safe very peculiar situations, practically all the elements that can concur in the development of a mercantile entity are served by our firm, both from the point of view of strict advice, as well as the defense and assistance before Courts.

We provide legal assistance to companies of different nature and volume. From limited liability partnerships, to limited companies listed in different markets subject to precise information rules in the interest of the markets and the defense of the interests of shareholders and remaining stakeholders.

We know and collaborate with the regulatory compliance programs and provide legal assistance to companies regarding the proper functioning of their bodies as well as the partners, with the aim of preserving and defending the social interest and their rights within the company.