The mercantile companies themselves focus a good part of our activity. The fact of being able to provide comprehensive advice to the company and having provided services for years, within the in-house legal departments of significant business groups, leads us to attribute an obvious interest to this practice. Filings before the Tribunal y Servicio de Defensa de la Competencia (currently Comisión Nacional de Competencia), and the General Direction of Competition of the European Commission, as well as in inquisitory proceedings and applications for the approval of merger and acquisitions.

Antitrust is a relevant matter from merchant point of view. Antitrust does not only means the defence of clients towards National or international Antitrust authorities. It means too, the preventive legal advice, the legal report to some marketing arrangements the analysis of vertical and horizontal limitations and some kinds of legal studies which necessarily have to be taken in consideration in merchant relationships, marketing of products, agency and commissioning contractual relationships and of course is a relevant legal matter in merger and acquisitions transactions.

Representation and defence before the Competition Tribunal and Defense Service (the current National Competition Commission), and before the General Direction of Competition of the European Commission, in different kinds of proceedings, in the plaintiff’s position, and also in authorization applications for merger deals.

Corporate Law

Our firm provides an integral service to the companies, for that reason the legal assistance to the governing bodies of the companies is part of those issues that we face with dedication and interest. The assistance to the administrative bodies and to the partners in the organization of their relationship and in the exercise of their rights within the society…

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The success of the legal professional is not the conclusion at all costs of the transaction, but the achievement of the same in terms of legal certainty and limitation of risks for the client. The vision from a legal perspective is necessary in transactions that, if not executed in adequate conditions, can generate contingency situations in the long term.