We assume our clients defense in both arbitration and courts proceedings. International and national arbitration is becoming fundamental in dispute resolution conflicts. The fact that parties rather submit their disputes to international chambers of arbitration, than to the national courts of any of the parties to the contract, turns arbitration as the cornerstone of dispute resolution conflicts, particularly, between parties of different jurisdictions.

We have experience in proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and arbitration proceedings under the UNCITRAL rules, as well as we have experience in foreign investment dispute resolution before ICSID.

We believe that our excellence in this field would not have been possible without our long professional career and expert advice as practitioners both locally and internationally, and before different jurisdictional orders and different administrative bodies, as well as in foreign countries such as United States, Mexico, etc. Arbitration Practice is not limited to the attendance to the legal proceeding, it does also means the analysis of contractual clauses, drafting the proper arbitration clauses, the election of the best international court, etc, always in a case by case basis and with a complex understanding of the contractual relation between the parties, the national law applicable to the contract and the needs of our clients.

In addition we are familiar with the mechanisms of judicial review of the arbitration awards under Spanish Law and another jurisdictions, and the jurisdictional rules in force in the United States. We had the opportunity to discuss this issue on our article “El Tribunal Supremo de los Estados Unidos o la judicialización del arbitraje” published in Diario EXPANSIÓN.

We have long career experience in litigating before national courts, and in all different jurisdictional orders, primarily in civil and administrative proceedings, although we do also act before the criminal and labor jurisdictional orders.

International Arbitration

We have particular strength in international arbitration, including: UNCITRAL Arbitration, ICC Arbitration, London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA Arbitration), ADR proceedings, Dispute resolution through independent, ICSID arbitration. We assist our clients throughout the whole arbitration process. We have acted as counsels in arbitration proceedings located in New York, London, Paris, Geneva and Madrid, which gives us a complete perspective of this field. As part of our practice we have drafted and negotiated dispute resolution clauses under

National Arbitration

We have counseled our clients before the most popular chambers in our country and we have negotiated different arbitration clause under Spanish law. Our most recent experience are based in the following arbitration chambers: Corte Española de Arbitraje. Corte Civil y Mercantil de Arbitraje (CIMA). Corte de Arbitraje de la Cámara de Comercio de Madrid. Corte de Arbitraje del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid.

Civil and commercial litigation

We have a significant experience in this field. Our services are mainly based on the corporate field; therefore we have a consistent and solid experience in civil and commercial litigation. Our partners have an extensive career as practitioners before different jurisdictional orders, such as;
Partners conflicts and disputes. Administrators’ liability. Challenging partners’ agreements and board of directors’ decisions.


We assist our clients through the whole bankruptcy proceedings: We defend our clients’ credits. Legal actions arisen as a consequence of contractual relationships with companies before bankruptcy. We defend our clients creditor’s interest before a bankruptcy proceeding. We assist companies going through a bankruptcy process. We assist administrative bodies in relation with their rights,…

Administrative Law

It is clear seeing our partners’ profile that our presence in the field of contentious-administrative proceeding is very intensive. We assist our clients at any stage of the proceedings, and our experience gained in the past defending the Administration’s interest, makes our firm, the perfect election to defend your interests. We have an extensive developed career litigating in proceedings,…

Constitutional law

We defend our clients’ interests before the Spanish Constitutional Court. Our intervention is focused on the writ of amparo, and action to defend individual rights contain in the Spanish Constitution. We do also keep our clients updated with any relevant decision coming from this Court, as they are relevant precedents in order to understand and apply our legal system.

Criminal law

BM&A-DRL has a vast experience marked by the dual training of its professionals in financial crimes: corporate crimes, punishable insolvencies, property related crimes, concealment of property and technology related crimes, money laundering, accounting crimes and crimes against the Tax Agency and Social Security. All of these with an ever greater component of Criminal law in the corporate world.

Labor law

In this field we assist both, public and private entities in order to provide the most efficient solution to employment-related concerns: Dismissal. Subrogation. Salary. Legal implications of business transfers.