Arbitration and Litigation

We assume our clients defense in both arbitration and courts proceedings. International and national arbitration is becoming fundamental in dispute resolution conflicts. The fact that parties rather submit their disputes to international chambers of arbitration, than to the national courts of any of the parties to the contract, turns arbitration as the cornerstone of dispute resolution conflicts,…

National and international business transactions

We have extensive experience in commercial relations, both nationally and internationally. The fact of having served as legal counsel for large companies in Spain has familiarized us not only with the usual forms of our commercial contracts, but also with the Common Law contract practice, with respect to which we have published several works.

Energy Practice and Regulated Sectors

We have devoted a good part of our career to working in companies in the energy sector. In that sense, we feel a special identification with it. We provide assistance in the different sectors that comprise it, from conventional sources of energy to renewable sources, covering both counselling and contentious aspects, with significant experience in energetic litigation both in judicial and arbitration.

Corporate Law

The mercantile companies themselves focus a good part of our activity. The fact of being able to provide comprehensive advice to the company and having provided services for years, within the in-house legal departments of significant business groups, leads us to attribute an obvious interest…

Public law and infrastructures

We have provided legal assistance to important industrial, energy and public infrastructure projects, having extensive experience in the field. In these projects, precisely because of their scope and investor requirements, various elements participates from the legal point of view. On the one hand, the presence of the public legal system, with the element of concession nature and, on the other hand,…