The Firm

Our firm is the result of a clearly vocational decision. It would have been impossible to create this specialized legal firm, without having a high level of confidence in our possibilities, conviction in our legal practice and in our legal approach to the reality.

We have experience as State Lawyer, with high level of responsibility, not only in the Public Sector, but also in the Private one. We assumed the direction of the department of legal affairs in national and international corporations, being one of them a major transnational Spanish Energy Group. As a result of that experience we have decided to apply abroad our own view of the legal practice. Nevertheless, our experience will be worthless without the excitement for developing a legal assistance in which we deeply believe, and we count with the confidence and endorsement of our clients.

Founded in 2008, our firm grows with the incorporation of high-level professionals with outstanding and solid careers.


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Arbitration and Litigation

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National and international business transactions

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Energy Practice and Regulated Sectors

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Corporate Law

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Public law and infrastructures


We provide international legal assistance in investment projects, energy, public works, infrastructure, environment and others. We contacted for all those assumptions with local firms in the country in which the investment is going to be developed. We provide assistance under the rules of private international law and international practice and, together with the local firm, we provide an integrated service to the client.

García del Río & Larrañaga

A vocational option

11 years of the firm in Madrid

Our firm was born in Madrid eleven years ago, having consolidated a recognized and solvent practice, especially in the field of the company.

5 years since the incorporation of Jiménez-Bonilla Abogados

The incorporation of the Sevillian firm Jiménez-Bonilla Abogados reinforces our presence in southern Spain and, above all, essential practices in the field of public law and business.

Incorporation of Martín Añez, international consultant and referee

In 2019, the practice of arbitration and international transactions is reinforced with a first level expert in the transnational energy and infrastructure markets. One more step in the consolidation of a solid team in international transactions, arbitration and litigation.

Disregarding the unnecessary

The only important thing in our function is legal assistance in the best conditions of effectiveness, information, understanding and transparency towards the client. We dispense with everything unnecessary, everything that hinders or distracts the only objective that is the practice of Law. Our firm is not an end in itself, but a means to do what defines and passion. Therefore, our internal procedures are safe, simple and agile in a context of flexibility and adaptation to the needs of our customers.

Affirming our convictions

We believe in a certain way of doing things and we defend it. Our writings identify us and our obsession with clarity defines us. We believe in certain and safe contractual frameworks avoiding indeterminate concepts and hotbeds of conflicts and we believe in the process as the ultimate solution to conflict situations. We believe in the strategy and possibilities offered by knowledge and the study of Law and we make all available to our clients.

Defending good practices in the public and private sphere

Society demands new and good practices in the public and private spheres. The commitment to the most effective defense of our clients, requires the preservation of a policy of values, that of security and certainty to our clients.


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