We have provided legal assistance in matters related to the different areas of the public domain in whose legal regime we have extensive experience. The legal regime of the different public properties, the differences between the public and patrimonial areas, as well as the special ownership regimes that exist in certain administrations, especially in the local area, are issues that we know with solvency and in which we provide service to our clients.

We have extensive experience in this matter as a result of our career and our activity as a law firm. The regime of the public hydraulic domain, the contracts of transfer of rights of use, the sanctioning and police regime of the public domain, the works and hydraulic infrastructures, the demarcation and the environmental issues related to the legal regime of the waters, are topics where we have extensive experience.
We have extensive experience in the field. The legal regime of the Law and Regulation of Shores, interpreted according to the doctrine of the Constitutional Court. The transitory regime derived from said regulation. The different situations that can arise according to it, its affections with the urban activity, etc. These are issues to which we have dedicated our work, both from the point of view of previous proffesional careers and from our performance as a law firm.

We know the legal regime of the Ports and the Port Authorities, both for our past career as well as for the activity developed in the assistance to commercial companies, and in the law firm. The regime of the use of port spaces, particularly in relation to activities such as energy, are matters that we know very well. Port-City relationship in different places and the implication between port public domain and urban planning are issues that we know are the result of our experience.

Other special properties

We have provided legal assistance in many sectors of the public domain, apart from the aforementioned, mines, hydrocarbons, mountains, as well as actions related to the private domain against the supposedly public qualification carried out by public entities. The legal assistance in front of administrative procedures of demarcation, public property recovery, etc., are matters to which we also dedicate a significant part of our activity.