We have a deep experience in the matter. The fact of having assumed legal assistance in the past to one of the main protected areas of the country and having actively participated in environmental management, gives us extensive knowledge in the matter. The environment, together with the administrative activity of territorial planning, represents one of the key aspects in which accurate legal advice is needed. The implication of these concepts with the reputation of the mercantile companies that operate in the legal traffic, make it a relevant part of the advice to the company. We know the procedures derived from the state and autonomous environmental legislation in Spain and we have participated in processes of validation of activities from the environmental point of view in North Africa, the United States and Canada.

Contracts of emission rights

We know the legal regime and we have participated in negotiation processes of contracts and transactions on emission rights. The regime of certifications and the birth of a relevant international market with obvious implications in the financial and insurance fields, make this issue associated with the development of industrial projects with the capacity to generate rights and the implementation of efficiency criteria represents enormous interest.

Legal assistance to projects with environmental impact

We provide legal assistance to industrial and energy projects inside and outside our country. Apart from technical elements that correspond to other areas, the knowledge of the requirements derived from the environmental regulations, the prior evaluation of them, the knowledge of the complex competence regime applicable and the assistance to the client in such matters, are matters in the that we are especially involved.

Legal assistance to impact evaluation procedures

We carry out legal assistance to processes of this nature that, for us, present an undoubted interest. The environmental impact assessment involves an interdisciplinary element that makes it a complex and decisive procedure for the prosperousness of any investment project. We are well aware of the Spanish and European regulations in the matter in relation to specially protected areas and their peculiar legal regime and we take an active part, advising our clients, in procedures of this kind of relevant nature before the environmental bodies of the State and of different Autonomous Communities.