We have, both for our professional career and for the experience accumulated in the firm, extensive experience in public law and administrative contracting. Our experience is based on the assistance of both public and private entities, being able to provide comprehensive advice regarding the different aspects of administrative action and Public Law.

Corporate responsibility of the administration

The patrimonial responsibility of the Administration constitutes a matter to which we dedicate a good part of our activity. The increasing incidence through very varied forms of the performance of Public Administrations in the field of private subjects, determines the increasing of cases in which such figure may arise and must resort to the guarantee that the patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.

Not only the traditional channels of administrative action, but also the forms of intervention in economic activity through the regulatory bodies constitute areas in which significant processes can be evidenced in terms of patrimonial responsibility.

Regime of local entities

Especially from our experience in legal assistance to commercial companies, and as a law firm, we have provided our services to companies in conflict situations with different local entities. The liability regime for breach of its obligations with third parties is a subject to which we have dedicated a good part of our activity.

At the same time, and as experts in Administrative Law, we provide legal assistance to local entities that demand it and all this especially in matters of organization and legal regime of public administrations, legal regime of the administrative act, procedures before the contentious order administrative, etc.

Public law of the autonomous communities

We know the Public Law of the Autonomous Communities to which, even in the past, we have dedicated part of our teaching and professional activity. The importance of the autonomic legal regime in matters such as environment, territorial planning, urban planning, etc., makes it a daily reference for our activity.

In practically all the sectors of the business activity, the companies demand a good knowledge of the administrative regime and of the articulation of competences between the General Administration of the State, the Administration of the Autonomous Communities and the Local Entities. It is very difficult to conceive any relevant productive or business activity in which the presence of competition and the autonomic order is not revealed, as well as the application of the laws of the Parliament or the Legislative Assembly of the corresponding Autonomous Community. We are good copyists of what we consider essential sectors of the autonomous systems, especially from the point of view of the development of business activity, such as spatial planning, urban planning, the environment in their own areas, consumption, as well as of the own autonomic norms emitted in matter of administrative organization.

Administrative law

The legal relationship between citizens and public administrations is increasingly complex and more intense. Our vision of a comprehensive advice, especially in the case of the companies, involves attending with knowledge and solvency the eventual cases in which sanctioning resolutions can be issued by the Administration.

We believe that the business schemes of our country increasingly takes care of the strict observance of the rules issued by the different Public Administrations, as well as obviously of the Law, however there are situations in which the complexity of the legal system, the difficult delimitation of powers, the own error in the writing or in the interpretation of the norm, etc. can lead to sanctioning pronouncements by the Administration that the interested party must be able to legitimately discuss either administratively or before the courts of justice. Obviously, for that purpose, we provide advice and articulate a solvent and efficient defense.

Legal regime of public administrations

We are very familiar with the legal regime of the different public administrations. The complexity of the Spanish institutional administration, the rules that inform it, as well as the legal regime specifically applicable to them, are issues that we know in detail and with certainty and in which we provide legal assistance to both Spanish companies and foreign ones who decide to invest in our country.

We know the implications of legal relationship between citizens and public administrations, from both areas, it means from the Administration to which we have devoted a good part of our professional career, to the defense of the interests of citizens and companies and in general to those affected in their rights and legitimate interests as a result of the performance of Public Administrations.

We are expert professionals in Administrative Law and we have significant experience in the consultant and litigious aspects before the public administrations.